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Personal Trainer UK has been created by Personal Trainers with years of experience to provide you with the best resources and knowledge to find personal trainers in your area. We understand the commitment you have made and you have an important reason for deciding to find a personal trainer. You may want to lose weight, tone up or just get a bit more fit.

We have taken time to vet all personal trainers listed on this site to make sure they are qualified and insured and are verified to both our own standards of excellence and those of organisations such as The Register of Exercise Professionals. This is important to us. We have also provided a video of each personal trainer where we are able so you can hear them explain their training techniques and how they can help you achieve your goal. As you will know by now personal trainers come in a huge variety of levels of expertise, experience and offer different training regimes. The most important thing is thatyou get what you want from them and enjoy the process. We think we have the right slection of personal trainers to make sure you get the best knowledge, fitness advice and assurances that your training sessions will be effective, fun and safe. In addition to this you will always have our support and you can contact us at any time should you need any help. We are certain you will enjoy hiring a personal trainer as they will help you make some fantastic changes in your life. Congratulations for choosing today to make those changes happen. Good luck Tim and the Team at Personal Trainer UK What is a personal trainer?